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Does love have an age limit?

86 year old Millie doesn’t think so…neither does her new husband, 85 year old Harold.  She was married for 41 years…her husband passed away.  She was single for another 21…then she met Harold.   Click here for the whole story  


A Major Hurricane brought in a Massive catch

A fisherman fishing for Snapper out on a charter boat after Hurricane Nicole passed by came up with a huge catch by accident.  With a line and a hook, he caught a 14 pound Spiny Lobster. That is massive and weighs more than my dog. Click below to read more.


The Blue Angels are at the beaches soon!

It is always so much fun and a great time to make memories beachside for the Navy Blue Angels Sea & Sky Show.  It’s coming up the first weekend of November 🙂 see more


Love one another…

The baby elephant saw someone being swept by the current down the river and went to help…turns out the man was out for a swim…but what a great picture of love….

Let’s see your Fall decor!

You’ve been looking forward to decorating for Fall all year!  Snap a quick photo of your favorite part and send it to us! Just attach it to your email…CLICK HERE  


Travel often? You might want to schedule an appointment for a TSA pre-check status

Traveling now a days with all the security check in and long lines can become a drag. No need to wait in those lines if you get cleared for a TSA Pre-check status. Click on the link below to learn more. Appointments are being scheduled over the next few weeks here in Jacksonville.


My pumpkin’s bigger than yours!

Tis the season for pumpkin contests as in who can grow the bigger pumpkin.  In this story, the dad beat a record his son set last year.  This is one massive pumpkin…check it out 🙂 See the full story here

Could she be our next American Ninja Warrior?

Lylah is 5 and she has some serious skills. She also has an awesome dad who built her this obstacle course. Click on the link below to watch Lylah take on the challenge like a pro.


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Tour bus crashes into big rig in Desert Hot Springs; 13 dead, 31 others injured

Los Angeles Times - 5 hours ago
Thirteen people were killed...

A Civil War History Lesson On Trump's Visit To Gettysburg

NPR - 6 hours ago
Donald Trump laid out his...

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