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Mother and Daughter get College Diplomas together.

You have heard of accountability partners when it comes to achieving your exercise or weight loss goals.  This mother and daughter proved it works when getting a college degree as well. Congrats to the soon to be graduates.   The Tassel is worth the hassle. Read more here.

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Veteran Job Opportunities

If you are a veteran or you know someone who is, good news!  Many job opportunities are coming up in May at job fairs across the country including here in Jax.  see more

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“Puppiology” should be a new Major at UNF

Finals and all the pressure that come with them can get a person down. Some kind folks brought in some puppies to help lift the students spirits.   This looks like the best way ever to de-stress. See more here.

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Trash day is the BEST day of the week!

A young girl looks forward to seeing the garbage truck, because her friend is the driver that honks and waves. She even saved him one of her Birthday cupcakes and finally got to say hi. AWE! This is the way it should be for kids. Read more about Brooklyn and her friend here.   


Encourager or Dream Squasher? Which one are you?

Sometimes we can end up being the dream killer if we aren’t careful.  There is a fine line between being realistic and being too cautious. Hopefully once you read more you can avoid the latter. Everyone needs a cheerleader in my opinion.   Read more on how to avoid being the squasher of dreams.


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Out of Office, Ex-Speaker John Boehner Gleefully Releases Mute Button

New York Times - 9 hours ago
Former Speaker John A....

3 Tied to San Bernardino Gunman Are Indicted

New York Times - 14 hours ago
Tashfeen Malik, left, and...

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