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recall sippy cups

Sippy Cup Recall!

Mold in sippy cups could be making your little ones sick that’s why there’s a massive recall right now.  see more

travel lodge

Way to go Amazon…. Well Played.

I love it when smart people make smart choices that benefit others.  This new move from Amazon is genius. They have purchased an old hotel with plans in a year or so to renovate and turn into their new headquarters building, but in the mean time, it is serving as a homeless shelter.  Follow the […]

dr. Loren

Congrats Graduates! Spread your wings, but remember where you nested.

From Local Girl Scout to Dr. in Residency, Jacksonville is Home to Big Dreams and Amazing Accomplishments. If you just graduated this story should encourage you to dream big, chase those dreams and never forget where you grew up because your path to greatness might bring you back to where you started.

father mows icon

Father Mows Best

Dad can compete to win a brand new WorldLawn Viper 60′ riding mower!  It retails for $4,999! Mower details here               He can negotiate the course we’ll set up at Tools For A Time on Saturday June 18th.  If Dad does it the fastest, he wins the mower!  Sign Dad up […]

domestic violence

Domestic Violence in the church :(

So much in the church, in the Christian community is hush hush including domestic abuse.  It’s something that needs to be brought out in the open and addressed because it’s more common than you might think.  See the full story here


Foodies Unite!  There is news of 5 new restaurants coming to the Town Center Mall area.  They all look amazing and will be unique to our city. Click on the link below to read about each one and then let us know which one you’d like to visit first.


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The Daily Trail: Trump to Sanders: Sorry, I don't debate people who don't win

Washington Post - 14 hours ago
If you're reading this...

Vintage World War II plane crashes in Hudson River; pilot killed

New York Daily News - 11 hours ago
The pilot of a World War II...

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