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Leftovers in the fridge? Wait til you see what you can whip up!

Some people are so gifted in the kitchen (my hubby is one of those) that they look in the fridge at few ingredients and VOILA!  they cook up a fabulous meal.  Most of us not like that so here are some tips to help you become better at that. see the cooking tips here

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Looking for Gender Neutral Clothing for your kids?

Retailers are listening to consumers, especially since retail sales have been in a bit of a slump.  Find out where you can buy Gender Neutral Clothing and why it’s important to some parents that stores offer it by clicking the link below.

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Ouch…..another Mosquito just bit me.

The million dollar question….. Why do Mosquitos bite some people more than others? Tap on the link below to find your answers. And if you have Type O Blood….Be aware.

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Trekkies Unite…….There is a new TV Series coming soon.

“Tell Me Something Good” Tuesday…….This is GREAT! There is a new Star Trek TV Series coming our way. Read more about it at the link below.

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Norma Chooses to Live her life to the fullest

What an example to the rest of us Miss Norma at 91 years young is.  She’s earned the right to sit in a rocking chair and let her life pass slowly by, but she has chosen to live her life to the fullest.  Way to go Norma. Read more about her travels at the link […]

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Need a Helping Hand?

From time to time, couldn’t we use a helping hand and a friend like John?  He just did what he thought was right to help out, but the message it sent is causing more good to happen to those around him. You can read more on John at the link below.

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Ways to have a cleaner house LONGER!

Ever feel like, “I swear I just cleaned this house”.  Me too!  So I’m going to start putting this advice in action.  It’s really good and will help a lot (especially the tip about throw rugs so you don’t have to use carpet cleaner all the time).  I hope it helps you too!  here’s some […]

heat wave safety tips

Whew it’s HOT! Here’s how to avoid heatstroke and heat exhaustion

We want your family to be safe in the extreme heat and you can’t be too careful in these dog days of summer.  Most of the country right now is covered in a “heat dome” because of the high heat index.  Safety first to avoid heatstroke or heat exhaustion.  see the list of tips


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WASHINGTON — A judge...

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The Nusra Front announced its...

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