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Dude…..this is pretty cool!

An incredible invention created to help Marine Biologist track changes in the Ocean.  This fin is equipped with sensors that gather data while a surfer enjoys himself out on the waves. Read more about it at the link below.

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Here’s Proof He’s got a Heart of Gold.

What is the value of  an Olympian’s Medal? Priceless when it comes to helping a child in need.  The story below is proof that value is in the “eye” of the beholder. See the full story at the link below


A sneeze goes THIS FAR? check this out

Since cold/flu season is right around the corner, you may want to share this with your kids.  A sneeze sprays a lot further than you might think.  see the sneeze


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Islamic State leader in charge of foreign attacks killed in Syria

Reuters - 25 minutes ago
An Islamic State flag is seen...

Trump said he could put several blue states in play. It's clear he can't.

Washington Post - 11 hours ago
For months, Donald Trump and...

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