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I came a cross a way to help folks with Anemia.

I read about a product that can help folks both here in the US who suffer with low iron or anemia as well as help others in another country. You can click on the link below to read about it.  It’s called the Lucky Iron Fish, interesting name, interesting way to do business. […]


Arnold Palmer drink from scratch!

To honor the legacy of the man who made golf popular…maybe you’d like to make this drink this week in his honor.  I personally love drinking that combo of iced tea with a little lemonade 🙂 Here’s the story: Arnold said:  “I came home one day and my wife made a lot of iced tea […]


Coming soon…Self Lacing sneakers…

The future of footwear is coming… more wasting time lacing up the old sneakers. Nike is bringing us self lacing shoes November 28th. Read more on this below.


Cough Syrup is getting the “Thumbs Down” for kids.

If you have someone coughing their little heads off, you might want to think twice before reaching for the cough syrup, especially if it contains the drug Codeine. Read more below on why Doctor’s say this drug is not safe for children.


He won’t let Autism slow him down.

He’s an inspiration to so many and that was before he just took Gold at the Para-Olympic Games.  See more on this incredible athlete below.

“It’s about time”, I would say!

Finally, Farmworkers and those who deal in the Agriculture industry will be paid equally under the law as every other working American.  You can read more on this at the link below.


Need a JOB? Target is hiring

If you or somebody in your life needs to find a job, Target is hiring up to 70,000 workers for the crazy Christmas shopping season and the hiring events are coming up soon so save the dates:  See the full story here


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Israel mourns as preparations begin for Peres' funeral

Washington Post - 2 hours ago
JERUSALEM — Israel on...

California officer fatally shoots African-American man

CNN - 1 hour ago
El Cajon, California (CNN) A...

Russia Implicated in Shooting Down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Over Ukraine

New York Times - 52 minutes ago
Wreckage from Malaysia...

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